Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Most Useful Cheat Sheet For HTML, CSS And Javascript

My wife actually found this while surfing the Intertubes. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but looks as though it could be useful...

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The not very imaginatively-named Web Design Blog functions as a portal to all sorts of web design-related stuff, including interesting web page design, tutorials and articles.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nellie McKay sings "Clonie"

Okay, so it's not exactly design-related but I just couldn't resist...

So anyway, I just finished viewing David Kelley's 2002 TED presentation on human-centered design and I happened across this link to a performance by Nellie McKay of her song "Clonie", a song about, in Nellie's own words, "...the evils of science".

Without going into a ton of detail, Nellie is a fantastically talented jazz pianist with a penchant for writing cutting, acerbic and frequently hilarious ditties about society's ills. If you're like me and generally find jazz impenetrably dull, then you owe it to yourself to check out Ms. McKay.

"Clonie" lyrics
(WARNING: contains a four-letter Anglo-Saxon word which colloquially describes the act of procreation)

My oh my
Walkin' by
Who's the apple of my eye
Why it's my very own
Oh if I should stroll the 'hood
Who knew I could look so good
Just talkin' on the phone to
We are pals
It's cool 'cause we're not lonely
Shallow gene pool
There's nothing to my only
Me and you, hustlin' through
Holdin' on through thick and thin
Just day by day our DNA
'cause the Olsen twins got nothin' on us
We'll survive
Side by side
Mother Nature, don't you call her phony
She's my clonie

Was wealthy
But not healthy
Had no one to dwell with me
So look who I got born
Far from broke
Bored rich folk
We don't need no natural yolk
Our babies come full formed
We'll be huggable
Get a publicist and show them
Be the most lovable thing
Since fucking Eminem
Oh my friend
Multiply, we're a franchise
Like Walt Disney or Hannibal Lechter
We can tell our cancer cells
Are more benign than old Phil Spector
We'll survive
Side by side
Should have signed with Verve instead of Sony
You're my clonie

Oh Clonie, how I love you
Huh, I'm the only person I ever loved
Gee, that's swell
I guess you're just my fatal attraction-y
You're my clonie

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Design Shard Web Design Blog

I just discovered Design Shard, a resource for creative inspiration which features free downloads and tutorials, among other things. Aside from cool resources, the site has a nice, intuitive layout and feel.